Aquarium in Bergen

A trip to the Aquarium Belong when visiting Bergen. The Interest in the world for the sea is increasing. Bergen is a leading city in the world of marine research. It is easy to detect when visiting the aquarium. The Aquarium will more than just show off a few fishes.  It will promote interest, insight and responsibility for sea life. The Sea must be managed and taken care of. 

We get close to the fascinating life of the ocean, both in our Arctic waters, but also with insight into other celestial areas. We find a tropical section with snakes and crocodiles and fish species that do not naturally belong in our waters. 

There also is a separate section for penguins. The Penguins are amazing birds that naturally belong in the Antarctic, around the South Pole, but that seems to thrive very well in the environment the aquarium has managed to create for them in Western Norway. Seeing and hearing about the penguins is incredibly exciting.  

The Highlight is probably still the feeding and presentation of the sea lions. These are highly teachable animals who love to show off their arts to the public.  

There is no problem to spend all day on the aquarium, but with a little planning one can see it mostly in about 3 hours. Children Love the Aquarium. I was there recently with my granddaughter in just 15 months. She didn't want to go home.

Of course, one needs to adapt the visit. Here is very much to see. Here are more than enough for many days, for both children and adults.

Some Good advice may be okay to bring with them in preparation for your visit:

  • A day's visit to the aquarium costs NOK 230 for adults and KR. 170 for children from 3-15 years of age.  If you'Re a family, you can get a family discount. There is also a discount to get with the Berg's card. Tickets can be purchased at Website.
  • It's a good idea to check the feeding times before you arrive. During The feeding it is told about the animals and their lives. It's a highlight. 
  • A small café allows you to get a warm lunch. It serves fine cuisine.  It is important to enter a good food break. Then digested strong impressions and sensations. 
  • There is a separate parking garage for visitors to the aquarium, but there is also the possibility of taking the very charming "passenger boat" The Beffen From the fish market.
  • On hot summer days there can be very much people stopping by. Then you have to put in more time.
  • Do you Have time to watch some of the movies appearing in the Cinema Hall, so do it. Some of the movies are adapted to children, but not all. There is a separate program for these films.
  • Currently there is a separate exhibition about plastics in the sea. It gives lots of thought provoking information about things you may not have any idea about. Take the time to get it with you.

To take the trip from Riplegården You can travel by bus. Plan Your journey Here.